Each semester, faculty members are required to acknowledge their contracts so that official paperwork can be processed for payroll. We have an amazing team of Stacy Hearn and Kelsey Adams who work diligently to get all the info entered for every faculty member- both full- and part-time each semester so that we can all get paid correctly. This contract, officially known as Faculty Load and Compensation or FLAC, is typically ready for acknowledgement within the first few weeks of the semester as soon as the census for that semester has been finalized. You will receive an email letting you know that your contract is ready for acknowlegement but it can sometimes be a bit difficult to figure out exactly what to click and what to do if there are any mistakes on the contract. 

Check out the guide below- which includes handy screenshots- that will walk you through the FLAC process. If you have questions about this process, be sure to contact your academic dean.

FileInstructions for Acknowledging FLAC Assignments.docx