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Check it Out! - Monster of the Week

Interested in trying a new TTRPG? How about Monster of the Week, recommended by Nelson in the Motlow Library at Smyrna:

"Monster of the Week is a fun RPG system in the spirit of Buffy, Supernatural, and The Dresden Files that encourages imagination and creativity. I think you would like this system because it is lightly crunchy, flexible, fluid, and allows wiggle room to come back from mistakes. I like it because it allowed me, as a GM, to really bounce off of my players’ ideas and actions, generating a quicker, but no less entertaining, campaign full of Ghouls and Monsters, Magic and Mischief!"

Check out Monster of the Week - log in to and place a hold for it here!

Game Highlights

Title: Obscurio
Author: L'Atelier
Title: Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Monster Manual
Author: Wizards of the Coast, Inc., issuing body.
Title: Fiasco : a game about powerful ambition & poor impulse control
Author: Bully Pullpit Games and Jason Morningstar
Title: Monster of the Week
Author: Michael Sands, Evil Hat Productions,
Title: Sorry! : the game of sweet revenge
Author: Hasbro, Inc.
Title: One night Ultimate Werewolf
Author: Ted Alspach & Akihisa Okui, Bezier Games
Title: Battletech : Beginner Box
Author: Catalyst Game Labs
Title: Pathfinder 2e: Beginner Box
Author: Paizo Publishing, publisher.
ISBN: 9780912771656
Title: Family business / [game] : [the game of mob vengeance!]
Author: Mayfair Games Inc.