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Subject Guide Headers

Education Overview

Education refers to the process by which people learn skills, knowledge, values, or other lessons deemed important within their culture. Education is an ancient practice that allows a person to access information, whether through a human teacher or other educational resource. Click the image to go to the list of Research Starter Topics.

History of Education

Early education in the United States was perceived as essential in producing the informed and intelligent voters democracy requires, the key to promoting social mobility, and a way for the country to assert its status among other nations. There are numerous Research Starter articles related to the history of education. Click the image to go to the list of Research Starter Topics.


E-learning leverages communications technology to broaden the learning environment for students. E-learning takes place in an online, computer-based environment and covers a broad range of teaching techniques and practices. These include online instructional presentations, interactive lessons, and computer-supported in-class presentations. Click the image to go to the list of Research Starter Topics.

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology, a diverse scientific discipline, attempts to apply psychological principles to understand, predict, and influence classroom learning. Just as teaching and learning are ongoing processes, so is educational psychology an evolving enterprise. Click the image to go to the list of Research Starter Topics.

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Title: Related Services in Special Education : Working Together As a Team
Author: Goran, Lisa; Bateman, David F.
ISBN: 1610483448
Title: Discipline Without Anger : A New Style of Classroom Management
Author: Doug Campbell

Khan Academy: Praxis Test Prep

Official Praxis Core Prep works in a 4-step process. First, diagnose your strengths and weaknesses by taking a diagnostic test to identify the skills you should focus on the most. Secondly, follow your personalized practice plan. Based on your diagnostic results and practice performance, we will recommend lessons and exercises at just the right level. Follow these recommendations to make the most of your practice time. Next, practice with authentic lessons and questions by viewing instructional videos to refresh your understanding of concepts along with skill practicing with immediate feedback. Lastly, make real progress towards your goal score. Your practice plan is divided into stages that start with focused skill practice and lead up to timed full-length practice tests. As your weaknesses turn into strengths, you will see your test scores rise towards your goal. Click to go to Khan Academy's Test Prep for Praxis exams.

Peterson's: Praxis Test Prep

Public school teachers must be licensed, which typically requires a bachelor's degree and the completion of an approved teacher education program; private school teachers do not have to be licensed but may still need a bachelor's degree.The Praxis Series exams are an important part of the teacher certification process in most states. The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) tests are widely used for entrance into teaching programs, and the Praxis II is used for subject-area certification. Check with the states, agencies, and institutions you're interested in to learn more about their specific requirements. Click to go to Peterson's Test Prep for Praxis exams.

edTPA: Getting Started

edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system used by teacher preparation programs throughout the United States to emphasize, measure and support the skills and knowledge that all teachers need from Day 1 in the classroom. For each handbook field, the placement is a Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade classroom. edTPA is a subject-specific assessment that includes versions for 28 teaching fields. The assessment features a common architecture focused on three tasks: Planning, Instruction, and Assessment. Click to learn about getting started with edTPA.