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eBooks: Art Collection

ISBN: 9781441142580
Title: The Phenomenology of Modern Art : Exploding Deleuze, Illuminating Style
Author: Paul Crowther
ISBN: 9780415780704
Title: An Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Art
Author: Michelle Facos
ISBN: 9781783101443
Title: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Author: Brodskai︠a︡, N. V.
ISBN: 9780300174878
Title: What Art Is
Author: Danto, Arthur C.
ISBN: 9781683254492
Title: 1000 Watercolours of Genius
Author: Victoria Charles
ISBN: 9781118639870
Title: A Companion to Modern Art
Author: Pam Meecham and Dana Arnold
ISBN: 9781844845866
Title: Sculpture
Author: Charles, Victoria
ISBN: 9781568989433
Title: Pulled : A Catalog of Screen Printing
Author: Perry, Mike
ISBN: 9781846423352
Title: Printmaking as Therapy : Frameworks for Freedom
Author: Lucy Mueller White

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