Connect a laptop or other device with HDMI

Connect and use Doc Cam


Welcome to the Study Rooms at Smyrna! As it is our goal to provide a space where one or more students may work or study with less distraction, there are several things to note about the rooms: 


-- The rooms are not soundproof --

General noise and conversations can travel to nearby rooms and out into the main library space, so please be mindful of your volume level – especially in the study room hallway.  

-- The rooms are used for many purposes --

Students work on projects, attend Zoom classes, take tests, study, and relax in these rooms, therefore everyone using them must be respectful of their neighbors and clean up any mess before leaving.  

-- The rooms have technology to improve your workflow --

Feel free to connect to our monitor via HDMI or use the Doc Cam for presenting. If you have any questions about using the room devices, please ask a member of the library staff for help. 
As mentioned, it is our goal to provide a working space for students to use for classwork and other projects. We understand that sometimes the volume of speech or playback may be too high – especially in a group – and we will offer a respectful reminder of our policies.  
However, if the behavior of an individual or group continues to disrupt the working environment of others in the library, that individual or group will be asked to leave the study rooms and possibly lose the privilege of using study room space. This also applies to any damage to the study rooms or their equipment. Remember that there are additional rooms for students to use on the second and third floors of the Hiatt Spivey Center - there are also tables for group work and a student lounge in the Marylou Apple Building! 
We hope you enjoy our Study Rooms – please let us know how we can help!