Kate Benson Hayes October 2022 Faculty Spotlight
As we prepare for the 2023 TBR SOAR Awards, let's take a moment to cast the spotlight on Motlow's 2022 SOAR Faculty Excellence nominee- Kate Benson Hayes. Kate serves as the developer/maintainer for several online courses including PSYC 2014: The Psychology of Human Sexuality, PSYC 2120: Social Psychology, and SWRK 245: Introduction to Counseling. A 2021 Motlow Faculty Excellence Award Recipient, Kate has worked to incorporate technology and engagement strategies into all of her courses as a way to facilitate student retention.  As the faculty advisor for the Smyrna Psi Beta Psychological Honor Society, Kate organized a virtual "Town Hall" session that brought together Motlow students and community stakeholders to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected mental health. The Smyrna Psi Beta chapter worked with the Moore County chapter to host the Mental Health Move Day where students engaged in exercise and were awarded a unique Motlow facemask. Kate also serves as Psychology Faculty Lead and Social Work Faculty Lead, engaging with faculty in both disciplines to provide support.  Kate also serves as an Advisement Specialist, a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, and Information Accessibility Committee. She is also active in the TBR Digital Engagement Initiative (DEI). In addition to her work in the Psychology discipline, she is also credentialed in Social Work after completing her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee.  Kate is a member of several professional organizations and has volunteered with Hands on Nashville, helping to coordinate the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to Nashville first responders.  If you would like to nominate someone for the ARC Faculty Spotlight, contact Ramona Shelton at [email protected]