Below are some frequently asked questions that new faculty may have. We will update this information as we are notified of any changes. When in doubt, be sure to contact Debbie Stockdale at [email protected] or reach out directly to your academic dean. 

Where do I locate/sign my faculty contract?  Once you agree to teach a class, you will be asked to sign a letter of intent which will allow the deans to official assign you to instruct your respective course.  You will later receive an email with instructions on how to sign your contract.  It is located in the Motlow Hub.  From MyMotlow, click the “Employee” tab and select the link “Faculty Load and Compensation.”

How do I obtain textbooks for my courses?  You may see your respective discipline dean to receive your textbook.

Where is the adjunct faculty office?
Moore County: Simon Hall 202
Smyrna Campus:  HSC 359
Fayetteville: Sundquist Building 66
McMinnville: MC 135

How do I register for parking?

You must register your vehicle with the business office.  There is designated parking areas for faculty and students.

Where do I find my class roster?  Log into the Motlow Hub. From MyMotlow, click the Faculty Services tab.  You may select “Class List Summary” or “Class List with Student Detail”.

How do I obtain a work badge? All badges are made in the campus libraries.  Please have your A number ready when you arive.  In Smyrna, a badge is required to enter certain sections of the buildings, including the adjunct office.

How do I report attendance?  Log into the Motlow Hub.  From MyMotlow, click the Faculty Services tab.  Select “Attendance Reporting” and select the term and class you wish to report.

How do I submit final grades?  Log into the Motlow Hub.  From MyMotlow, click the Faculty Services tab.  Select “Final Grades” and the correct class.

How do I support students with accommodations? You will receive notification from the Office of Disability Services regarding individual student accommodations.  You will typically receive these by email prior to the start of the semester; however, they may be sent throughout the semester if a new or change to the accommodations is added.  You are required by federal law to comply with these accommodations.  For assistance, please contact disability services officers Yeulanda Pierce at [email protected] or Belinda Champion at [email protected].

What is an Early Alert and how do I submit one?  Motlow’s Early Alert system is a way to notify your student’s completion coach about a potential academic or behavioral problem.  Log into the Motlow Hub.  From MyMotlow, click the Faculty Services tab and locate “Create an Early Alert for a Student” and follow the directions.  The student’s completion coach will receive the information, contact the student and get back to you via email.

What do I do if I need to cancel my class?  If you are ill or otherwise cannot attend class, please complete the Faculty Absence report in MyMotlow. From MyMotlow, click the Faculty Services tab, locate “Faculty Absence” and follow the directions.  You may also contact email your students advising them of your absence.

Is there a syllabus template I must use?  Contact your dean to receive a master copy of the syllabus.  This will include college-wide and discipline specific information.  You may add information pertinent to your course sections.

Where is the Academic Calendar?: You may find the academic calendar here.

What should I do if I feel a student needs extra help/tutoring: You may refer your student to the Motlow Writing Center or the Math Lab for an appointment.

How do I contact the IT department? - The Motlow Help Desk can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 931-393-1510.