As we start the Spring 2023 semester, let's take a moment to thank John Hart for his service as Director of the Honor's Program. For the past several years, John has worked diligently to build the program into something wonderful for our students and for our college. Motlow's Honors students have had the chance to be involved in many excellent educational opportunities, including some that give them the chance to explore their inner witch or wizard!

Longtime Honors faculty member and new Honors Program Director, Nathan Sweeton and his Honors partner in wizardry, Dayron Deaton-Owens, have created several Honors courses centered around a Harry Potter theme. In additon to their studies, these students also have the opportunity to participate in a Spring Break trip to Universal Studios to experience the closest thing that we have in the US to Hogwarts!

Nathan describes this opportunity as follows:

Every Spring Break, Dayron and I take a group of students enrolled in our Honors Harry Potter-focused courses to Universal Studios in order to study Universal's theme parks and their broader impact on popular culture worldwide. Our Honors students then return to Motlow to write papers, create presentations, and then share these projects with fellow Honors students in their classes and also at the Annual Honors Symposium. The next trip is currently scheduled for Spring Break 2023, and students must be enrolled in one of our Harry Potter Honors courses to attend. Student Activity Fees pay for part of the costs and therefore keep this trip affordable for the students. Dayron and I have both created multiple Honors courses focusing on Harry Potter that serve all Motlow students on all campuses via Zoom. These courses are highlighted in the following video:

If you are interested in teaching in Motlow's Honors program, contact Nathan at [email protected]