EMV Chip and PIN : A Feeble Upgrade

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      The most dominant protocol used in the smart card payments all over the world is called EMV (EMV, n.d.) which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. The EMV cards are used for processing transactions through payment terminals and ATMs (automated teller machine). These are widely used in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South America and was also implemented in USA (Huq, 2015). The transactions of the EMV are secured by using a variety of cryptographic authentication codes, digital signatures and an entry of a PIN. But in US there was a slightly different implementation which led to a disaster as they ended up less secure, slow and confusing to use. This paper will discuss about the problems and challenges faced in USA due to this implementation and focus on flaws in the protocol. Identify different ways in which the transactions were compromised and study the statistics to get a brief idea about the types of compromises occurring frequently. This paper also discusses about future of making secure transactions and alternate ways to achieve it. It will also include a survey aimed to identify whether EMV has been implemented successfully and if chip cards are being used and to which extent. Other sources of payment are also focused to find where the interest must be shifted for research in secure future payment systems.
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      St. Cloud State University
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